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Saliva & Urine Testing

In the Human body we have trillions of cells, yet no two cells touch each other!. The cells sit in a fluid. The Saliva is the same fluid found around the cells of the body. The urine is a metabolic waste product. The Blood reveals certain imbalances, but can also miss crucial pieces of information that are vital to your optimum health and well-being. An example would be Calcium. In Osteoporosis (loss of calcium in the bone tissue). In over 85% of people who suffer from osteoporosis, they have perfectly normal levels of calcium in their bones, yet the BTA may reveal a deficiency at the cellular level.

The BTA Saliva and Urine test measures:

Minerals- which are crucial for many chemical reactions that take place in the body. Minerals also assist hormones in doing their job. (So if you have a hormonal problem, it may be due to an imbalance of minerals at the cellular level. Minerals regulate blood pressure and proper blood sugar as well as proper mood and brain functioning. Minerals control pain and give energy. Minerals support the immune system. An imbalance in your bodies minerals can lead to many symptoms and diseases.

Energy production- Energy is produced in the cells. The BTA accurately measures the energy production in the cells. Without proper energy the cells cannot remove wastes efficiently and they cannot bring in nutrients for the cells to function properly. Symptoms included feeling tired or depressed, headaches, constipation, chronic coughing, and pain esp in the neck and back areas.

Free radical production- Too many free radicals are linked to excess inflammation, pain and premature aging and even Cancer. The free radicals are measured as part of the BTA.

PH- Acid/Alkaline- Acid can destroy cells, enzymes, artery and veins and create inflammation any where in the body. Acid can also deplete nutrients and minerals from the body. An imbalance in acid can also allow fungus to grow and is linked to infections. Excess acid also cause Acid reflux, poor digestion, Fibromyalgia, Arthritis and allergies to name a few.

What is Biological Terrain? Quite simply, it is the bio-chemical environment produced within our bodies. The bio-chemical fluids of the body are saliva, urine and blood (we do not draw the blood on our premises). The saliva is the same fluid that is around all your cells, commonly referred to as extra-cellular fluid. The saliva contains the metabolic residues of the body's cell chemistry, and provides the doctor with a biochemical diary of the patient. The urine is filtered blood and also contains metabolic waste products.

From these body fluids, Dr. Chadwick can measure the underlying biochemical state of the patient, as well as uncovering specific nutritional deficiencies.

The BTA urine and saliva testing is a screening tool for specific nutrients. First, we analyze the amount of minerals in these fluids. You may already be aware that minerals deficiencies can cause symptoms from low energy to muscle and nerve weakness to all sorts of glandular and metabolic imbalances. The adrenal and thyroid glands are dependent on many minerals to function optimally. The digestive system uses many minerals in making enzymes for proper digestion and assimilation. The brain uses minerals to process information and for proper memory.

The liver and kidneys are responsible for filtering out excess minerals (including toxic minerals such as aluminum, arsenic and cadmium) and other metabolic wastes. Improper balance of minerals can have very detrimental effects. Excess minerals can be just as toxic to the system.

Second, the BTA looks at the amount of energy your cells make in the form of electrons. Too little electron production leads to cells becoming weak and fragile. Excess electron production leads to free radicals, which are linked to many imbalances from premature aging, macular degeneration, and even cancer

Third, BTA also measures the pH of urine and saliva. The pH is a measurement of acid/alkaline balance. When the body is too acid, it uses up important minerals including calcium, magnesium and potassium, which deficiencies are linked to osteoporosis, edema, and hypertension to name a few.

The BTA also looks at thyroid health. Low thyroid function is vastly under diagnosed due to the fact that even though blood levels of your thyroid hormones may be normal, tissue levels may be deficient due to an unhealthy cellular environment. The BTA also screens for zinc deficiency. Low zinc is linked to digestive, hormonal and immune problems, as well as poor concentration and focus (especially in children).

The BTA test will show if you are taking the wrong supplements or are not taking the correct ones for your body. This will save you money and time from taking supplements that you are not even sure you need.

The BTA will assist Dr. Chadwick is making food recommendations as well as important lifestyle changes that will maximize your health and longevity.

The BTA does not diagnose. It will pinpoint your deficiencies and assist Dr. Chadwick to balance your body so your cells can rebuild and repair themselves to a healthy state -- the way that they are supposed to be!

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