IRIDOLOGY | Iris Diagnosis

Iridology is a science that dates back 200 years in Hungary. Iridology is based on the fact that the iris of the eye is connected to the brain and the brain is connected to the organs through the spine and nervous system. The brain is constantly giving instructions and getting feed back about the status of the body through the nervous system. An example is when you are hungry. Your brain signals your body to eat food. Another example is when you get close to fire, your brain signals your body to step away so you won’t get burned.

The iris records the activities of organ systems. When there is a weakness, a nutrient deficiency or excess toxins in the body—these are stored in the iris as markings or loose fibers in the iris.

An Iridologist looks at the fibers of the eyes.

The Iris is a map of the internal organ systems. Each area of the iris is divided like a clock. For example at 6 o’clock, according to iridology, is where the leg, thigh, knee are located. When there are loose fibers in that area or if there is a marking in that area, that alerts the Iridologist to address the nutritional deficiencies and or toxins that relate to that area.

Iridology reveals body constitution—how strong your body is when recovering from an illness or symptom. Iridology shows weaknesses and levels of health.

Iridology also reveals conditions that may affect you later in your life.

What Iridology cannot do:

Iridology cannot diagnose diseases such as cancer, heart disease, kidney disease, hypertension, etc.

How is an Iridology exam performed?

With a simple magnifying glass and a small light An Iridologist looks at the Iris (the colored part of the eye) to exam the fibers and markings. ease, hypertension, etc.

Nutritional deficiencies are then addressed in the consultation with food and supplements recommended.

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