Blood Chemistry Evaluation

The blood can reveal many reasons why you don't feel well. We are trained in looking at the OPTIMUM ranges of your blood values not just the reference ranges found on a blood report. We also look at different ratios of the chemicals in the blood that give us a deeper insight to your health concerns. For example if you have osteoporosis (a lack of calcium in the bones) you could have normal levels of calcium in your blood, but if your phosphorus level is low then you may not be absorbing your calcium into your bones as well as you should.

With simple suggestions and dietary changes, we can get you on the road to feeling better. Healthy blood is vital to a healthy life. Poor quality blood can lead to many imbalances including but not limited to: low energy, dizziness, numbness, cold hands and feet, poor memory, premature hair loss, dry skin, constipation, irregular menstruation, and poor nail growth.

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